Barbosa, Scottsman, Peanut, Chonchito and Para

We're two best mates, two curious canines and a street cat on a 44-foot sloop immersing ourselves every day with our surroundings. Our crew may change from time to time but our ambitions remain the same. We are out here to test ourselves, to grow and to learn – to dig through this world in search of life’s lessons because in the landscape of each and every human imagination lies a special place. Our inner compass keeps pointing us towards this spot, which is magnetic, mysterious, exotic, and alluring but, alas, always fringed by the frontier of our fears. Still, it is to this specific place that we are compelled to travel in order to know ourselves and in so doing, call our lives complete. We are here in search of wholeness, for in our chests, hiding just beneath each breath lies a hollow, and always it has cried out to be filled. Traveling under sail has provided the opportunity to connect deeply with the people, places and elements we encounter. We’re taking our time, becoming a part of the landscape instead of just observing it. This is just the beginning of a life-altering expedition and we are excited to share our progress with you.

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I’m Barbosa and this here’s Cap'n Peanut. He's been along my side and sailing since the day we met some years back. I began sailing in California some....longer years back. Peanut and I fell in love with sailing right away and the colorful life that coincides with being around the sea. We both have the same thirst for sailing on the open ocean with endless horizons and are eager to meet new cultures and walks of life. We knew we had to sail on and keep following our inner compass.

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They call me the Scottsman, I pretty much grew up at the beach and always had a natural connection with the sea. My grandfather was a man of the sea and had many stories told epically by my dad, who was with him most of the time. In a way, those stories are part of what guided me to where I am now. Surfing most my life, I’ve seen how connected and aware we become with our surroundings and the planet when we are in nature. Sailing amplified that connection for me. I fell in love with sailing immediately, everything about it intrigued me. The instincts and skills acquired through time and talking with the old salts on the docks, the ingenuity learnt to find a solution and keep moving forward. I knew I was destined for the sea on my first blue water sail. I only wanted to explore more coastlines, meet the locals of the regions and to share life with them for a moment...and of course surf.

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Hey guys, Para (meow) and Chonchito here. We're both kinda one in the same you see? Different places of birth but the same wanderlust soul...we want to see the world and taste the different fishies of everywhere! We want to let our fur blow in the breeze freely and feel the sand beneath our paws, taste the salt spray as the bow meets the waves....get the picture? Well long story short, we both managed to convince the guys to let us join the crew and sail with them. Barbosa snatched me up in the dirty streets of Belem, Brazil and Cap'n Peanut found Chonchito lonely and eating some chicken bones in the dirt under a bus in Domburg, Suriname. I think we're faring well out here.

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