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Hey guys, Para and Chonchito here. We come from different towns and cultures but here on CC we are a team, we are one in the same. Only together can we eat all we want and get away with it by using our good looks and sophistication.


Hi I'm Para,

I'm From the streets of Belem, it's a rough place out there but I'm a survivor, I had no choice. I was born to be one. When time was ready I hailed the captain of an expedition boat to make a declaration to him. I told the captain I would serve on his boat and dedicate my skills to the benefits of his endeavor. That's what I've been trained for, it's all I've ever done and will do. That's how I joined the crew of CC, it is my destiny.


They call me Chonch. I was actually found by Peanut and rescued by the rest of the crew. Yup, Peanut and I are best mates now. I was swooped off my paws in Domburg, Suriname, a place not many know of, and crawled onto Scottsman's lap for the night. Nowadays, I love to keep watch on deck with my brother, wrestle with my sister and of course.....I love to eat. 

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Want to hear a short conversation I had with Rafiki one day?

I'm the smallest on board, that's why I hang out with the tallest. It's a question of balance, you know. I'm also the most agile, also a question of balance. I became a survivor in the streets of Belem. It was not my choice, I was born to do that. When I was ready the captain of a world expedition boat was lead to me. I declared to him that I would dedicate my skills to the benefit of the expedition he is leading. That's what I've been trained for, what I've been doing ever since and all I'll ever do. It's my destiny/calling.

That's cool, I like that.
You have any idea what's my calling and destiny, Para?

Well, let's see. What are you? You're a monkey, I can see that, yeah. Well what can a monkey do? What can you do?

I like moving around high in the trees and see what I can find and watch my horde of monkeys do the same.

I see, that's the way you monkey fellas keep yourself alive and healthy.
Do you serve you surroundings in the same way, too?

Well, who knows. Let me see, we run around and scream and shout and eat what we can get.
Which is a lot f fruits and here and there a grasshopper or such kind of things, well living beings.

Yeah, you eat fruits and poop seeds. You're a seeder. You seed plants, your destiny can be to help plants live and survive wherever you go.

Wow, that's awesome my lovely kitty cat. You're my master Yoda.
So, I go and make sure plants grow wherever I am.
How can I do this as what I am, a sailormonkey? I guess I can figure that out. I hope I have soon good news for you, dear Para.

Well, Rafi you just don't see straight. It's about food and shelter and having your brothers and sisters around. It's really not that complicated my friend.
I know, for you its all about the fulfillment of life, of being somewhat more than you are or whatever, I don't really know about you. I know about me. It's food and home and friends what gives me live.
Should it be any different for you? What more can there be?

Well, survival. We take care of ourselves and our friends, we stay away from danger and when it comes to us we are prepared to deal with it. Of course, you have to be passionate about it otherwise you will neither do it well nor enjoy it.

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